Kernow Dating Success Story – Dennis & Jay from Liskeard


I was told that Jay had looked at my profile while I was on the site so I decided to look at her, I liked what she said about herself and the photograph so I got back to her with a message. I found that she was in Arizona USA at the time visiting her son’s family but we corresponded through the site and found that we had a lot in common so decided to meet up when she came back to England at the end of May. Jay lives about 3 miles outside of Looe in Cornwall where I work as a volunteer at the Lifeboat Station there, I live ten miles away so seeing her was no problem and we agreed to meet at the Lifeboat Station at 11:30 on 31st May. Having checked it out I said I would take her for lunch at a very old but nice pub not far away round the corner.

I said on my profile that I was and still am, an incurable romantic so in keeping with that I met her with a bouquet of red and yellow roses, later to find out that they were her favourite flower.

The lunch and conversation went well but I must admit, and she now knows it, that I did not go a bundle on her at first but I decided to stay with her. Looking back, I am so glad I did. After lunch we had the whole afternoon before us so I asked her what she would like to do, the sun was shining so we could do anything. She asked to see over our Lifeboat Station so I took her round and she seemed genuinely interested after which we went for a walk along beach promenade and found a seat and talked for quite some time. I don’t know what happened or why but this was the lady I was prepared to say ‘Goodbye’ to after lunch and never see again and there I was warming to her and liking her more and more every minute, her personality, her attitude or maybe the way she was snuggling up to me on that seat where I could tell she liked me, I don’t know, we just ‘clicked’.

I thought ‘What the hell’, it’s a weak heart that never won a fare lady so I looked into her blue eyes and kissed her gently. She did not mind at all and returned my kiss with a very passionate one of her own, needless to say I was very pleasantly surprised!

The weather was still good and she suggested we drive along the coast and find a beach to stroll along so we walked back to my car and set off and a few miles later found a ravine valley leading to one. It was about 30 minutes walk down to the sea but it would have taken less time if we did not stop and kissed and embraced each other now and again along the way! I was hooked on this lady by now and she has told me since she was on me.

Eventually we came back to my car and I drove her home to her place where I met her adopted daughter and had a cup of tea. I had dated Jay for lunch, enjoyed her company for that and spent a pleasant afternoon with her but I did not want to leave her so I asked her if she would have dinner with me at the local village pub which was only five minutes drive away. She said ‘Yes!’ I had researched the Jubilee Inn at Pelynt, knew it would be perfect and I was not disappointed with the atmosphere, the menu or the table we were ushered to immediately. We talked a lot throughout the evening, about our past and found that we had a lot in common, eventually taking her home. I was very busy that week at the Lifeboat Station and on our RNLI stand at the Royal Cornwall Show but I eventually met her again on Saturday 9th June after work at the show.

Since then I have seen her every Wednesday after duty at the Lifeboat Station and spending every weekend with her. Jay has the same attitude to life as me. Old as we are, in our early seventies, life is for living and sharing, so let’s get on with it! We both love each other very much but we don’t want to get married. When I get my divorce settlement I will get a house of my own to live in East Cornwall and she will have her place. We will be there for each other, visit each other and stay as long as we want, going away for weekends and holidays and visiting relations up country. It’s what we want and know it will work but have the option in the future to live together if we want. We know it’s early days but I know and Jay knows that we will be together and love each other for the rest of our lives, however long or short that will be.

That is our story of how Jay and I came together and all I have to do now is to thank Kernow Dating for bringing us together.
Kindest regards,
Dennis & Jay.

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