February 2015

  • Places to go on a First Date

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    Top Ten Date Ideas

    1. Coffee shop
    2. Restaurant
    3. Taking a romantic walk
    4. Park
    5. Live music
    6. Comedy Club
    7. Bowling or Playing Pool
    8. Amusement Park
    9. Movies

  • Best Reasons to use Online Dating in Cornwall

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    Most of us have embraced the power of technology which has led to many new and easier ways of doing things. The internet has opened up many more opportunities and alternative ways of communicating with people, in particular Online dating has become a popular and successful new method of ma

  • Cornwall Dating – Tips for Online Dating in Cornwall

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    Dating online is about eventually hoping to meet a person that you like in real life. Cornwall dating requires a certain few tips, these may come in handy when you’re considering asking someone on a date:

    1. Why are yo